Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More amazing deals !!

I also have some amazing bike deals on more ordinary bikes.

I have 2 Giant CRS Alliances .Current 2010 models. Large size.

RRP £995

I will sell these for £599 ea.
AS of 26/10/10 only one left.
Giant Rapid 2.2010.Large .

RRP £695

Sell for £450
Giant Rapid 3 2010. Large.

RRP £550.

Sell for £425.
Giant Bowery 72. 2010. Large.

RRP £450.

Sell for £325.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Please bear with me !!

My business has become incredibly busy over the last year or so.My main aim is to offer the best customer service that I possibly can and also the best deal for my customers wherever I can.If you know me as a customer I think and hope you will already know this.Sometimes if I forget or am slow to reply to a question or query it is not out of rudeness but pure workload.

Please if this does happen email me again or phone me.I will always help and do my best even if it sometimes-rarely- takes another nudge.

Many thanks.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Business trip-more like a holiday.

Picture shows our team on the ferry from Arbon in Switzerland to Friedrichshafen in Germany.Take a look at the Zeppelin airship.Friedrichshafen is the home of the Zeppelin and hosts a fantastic museum spelling out the history of these airships.Take a look at the photo of the chap looking after the huge diesel engine with even bigger prop spinning behind him.The only way down into the engine compartment from the airship was by ladder.Talk about head for heights!

Cycling around the lake Constance area.

Although we went to lake Constance for the bike show ,once there all I really wanted to do was set off cycling.It is of course possible to do the 150 or so miles around the lake in a day and many people do.However it would make a fantastic mini tour of say 3 days or longer if you really want to enjoy this magical area in good weather.

The lake is bordering Switzerland ,Germany and Austria and the snow capped Alps are temptingly there too.For people like me who love mountain walking as much as cycling the whole area becomes irresistible.

You then think.The Rhine flows into the lake and then winds it's way back through Germany along the French border and is in itself a fantastic ride for people with more time.Or you could take your bike with Ryan air to Baden Baden ride to and around the lake and then venture along the fantastic German Alpine Road towards Konigsee.

The options for cycling here are boundless!!I have to return!!
Picture shows one of the many cycling combinations we saw around Bodensee.

Eurobike 2010.

If you have tried in vain to contact me in the past week it is because I have been at the Eurobike show on lake Constance.

The show itself was of course very interesting and it was great to see the new range from VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur.( of course they do not change much in terms of styling and quality anyway! )This year they have however filled some gaps in their range---guite a few actually.I will try and fill you in.

The S300 and S200 are much the same and I am sure the S300 will become the most popular bike for ladies in my shop.Standard colours for the S300 are black and chilli red this year.The S200 is standard in black, chilli red and milk white but also looks fantastic in sunflower yellow.You can see the yellow version in pic above.

The T50 model remains much the same and as always is the cheapest of their bikes starting at around 499 euros.this bike is an "order model "which means shops have to preorder the models they want but once ordered they will not be made again later in the year.

Anyway in between the very popular T100 and T300 they have introduced the T200 which I remember in the range probably 10 years or so ago.The main differences are the nexus 8 speed is the premium version on the T200 and it runs on 37 tyres as opposed to the T100 now running on wider 47 tyres.T200 also has a full chainglider chainguard which I always think is a great addition to any hub geared bike.T200 multi geared has an extra gear at the back making it 27 speed.
Photos above show from left to right the S300 the S200 and the T100 ladies in ocean blue.
This article is getting a little long winded so will write about the other models in separate blogs.
Please follow.!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prices of offer bikes.

I appreciate everyone wants the best deal.This week Giant have been clearing out their bikes ready for the new range.Hence the fantastic prices I am offering.If you want a bike and you are umming and arring the prices will be going up it seems by 10-20% next year and from January Vat goes up to 20%.Therefore prices will never be this cheap!!

Bikes are going as I speak --from one minute to the next.I was just going to change my mind and order the last Advanced SL3 in large and within 2 minutes gone.

Anyway enough said.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moving into Autumn cycling !The Mamils!

The Mamils ride again!!

Great to see the guys still keen to cycle as the nights draw in !The small leds are on and we are cycling into dusk and strong wind this evening.9 guys set off tonight and the average was well over 20 mph.

Everybody on carbon bikes now---hard to keep up if you are not.It is incredible to see the improvement in performance with the move from aluminium to carbon eased of course with improved physical fitness!
Mamils by the way being the new term for many of us-----
Middle aged males in lycra !

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More exciting quality bikes.

As you realize I am interested in selling quality bikes at good prices which hopefully pay you back in the long term.Initial price is not really the issue if you intend to use a bike as a tool ie cycling to work.Good value is the real point!!

I will be visiting the fantastic bike show in Friedrichshafen late August and hoping to come back with more amazing continental bikes which are not available in this country.

I will let you know what they are next month .Very exciting!!

Explanation of prices and Cyclescheme.

I need to try and explain about the cycle to work scheme as an umbrella term and Cyclescheme as the largest of the moneymaking middlemen and my pricing!

The cycle to work scheme itself can be run by anyone and everyone.Many small companies in Cambridge operate it themselves.This means they send a cheque to me for the amount of the bike and equipment.Simple, straight forward .

Cyclescheme is a moneymaking middleman.They make their profit by taking 10% of everything the shop sell to you.So if I sell you a bike for £750 I will loose £75 to Cyclescheme.They are one of the fastest growing and most profitable businesses in the country.

When I offer bikes at fantastic prices (which as you realize I always try to do) it is not possible to take the extra 10% hit if you purchase your bike on Cyclescheme. You need to take my special offer price and divide by 0.9 .

Obviously if I sell a bike at retail price I happily take the 10% hit myself !!

I hope this clears up an issue which for many of you seems confusing.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A big thanks to Carl Myhill

A great big thankyou to my fantastic webmaster Carl Myhill who has created my webpage and who has modestly but cleverly worked it so well with Google.

Also thankyou again Carl for reworking the site recently and enabling me to work with my own blog.

What a pleasure !!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Childrens bikes

More and more people are cycling their children to school.I have sold tandems for this purpose but have struggled to find decent proper bikes for children from the suppliers in the U.K.

Nearly all the bikes tend to be Mountain bike style with no equipment on as standard ie chainguard mudguards lights racks etc----all the things we need to do a commute with children.

Obviously what is needed is a decent adult style bike scaled down in size for children.So once again I have to look to Germany and the following companies---

http://www.amba-marketing.com/ (for Puky German bikes which I can also supply)

I have just bought a rabeneick for my 7 year old and also for some of my more regular customers.Most of these bikes have all the equipment you need including hub dynamos and standlights in the rear lights.They are also incredibly easy to ride and do not rust before your eyes.

These bikes are not cheap but they are great value and will have a resale value. Generally for a 20" wheel bike you are looking just over £200 for 24" wheel around £250-275.