Saturday, July 24, 2010

A big thanks to Carl Myhill

A great big thankyou to my fantastic webmaster Carl Myhill who has created my webpage and who has modestly but cleverly worked it so well with Google.

Also thankyou again Carl for reworking the site recently and enabling me to work with my own blog.

What a pleasure !!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Childrens bikes

More and more people are cycling their children to school.I have sold tandems for this purpose but have struggled to find decent proper bikes for children from the suppliers in the U.K.

Nearly all the bikes tend to be Mountain bike style with no equipment on as standard ie chainguard mudguards lights racks etc----all the things we need to do a commute with children.

Obviously what is needed is a decent adult style bike scaled down in size for children.So once again I have to look to Germany and the following companies--- (for Puky German bikes which I can also supply)

I have just bought a rabeneick for my 7 year old and also for some of my more regular customers.Most of these bikes have all the equipment you need including hub dynamos and standlights in the rear lights.They are also incredibly easy to ride and do not rust before your eyes.

These bikes are not cheap but they are great value and will have a resale value. Generally for a 20" wheel bike you are looking just over £200 for 24" wheel around £250-275.