Thursday, January 6, 2011

My thoughts on carbon road bikes

This is a real pleasure to be able to voice some personal thoughts about bikes over the internet !

Up until recently --say the last couple of years I was dubious about the future and real benefit of carbon as a material for road bikes.

However I have to say that I am a real convert now and to those of you who cycle road bikes as a hobby or for fitness I would really recommend them.O.K they cost more generally than aluminium bikes but they are so superior to ride.

They are generally very light although when you go below 7kg you do need to be fit and strong to get the maximum benefits from the machine.
The feel of the carbon as a material is gorgeous and a reason to have one in itself !
They are incredible under acceleration and hill climbing becomes much easier as although they are light the bikes are also very rigid when pushed hard but are still so comfortable and forgiving on bumpy roads.

My favourite out of the Giants this year has to be the TCR Advanced 2.The weight is perfect for most people (in the 7kgs).The weight is helped by the full carbon forks--I think if you are going carbon go full hog (unless price is the issue but in reality this actually is rarely a real issue for people looking at these bikes).Full Ultegra is great--most of us do not really notice the difference between Ultegra and Duraace apart from price and show!
Kysirium Elite are probably really the start of great wheels and HUBS.People really underestimate hubs but they are soooo important if you want to go fast!!

Come and try a carbon road bike--I have a good selection for you to see.If you come out on our rides there are enough great bikes for you to see and try.