Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prices of offer bikes.

I appreciate everyone wants the best deal.This week Giant have been clearing out their bikes ready for the new range.Hence the fantastic prices I am offering.If you want a bike and you are umming and arring the prices will be going up it seems by 10-20% next year and from January Vat goes up to 20%.Therefore prices will never be this cheap!!

Bikes are going as I speak --from one minute to the next.I was just going to change my mind and order the last Advanced SL3 in large and within 2 minutes gone.

Anyway enough said.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moving into Autumn cycling !The Mamils!

The Mamils ride again!!

Great to see the guys still keen to cycle as the nights draw in !The small leds are on and we are cycling into dusk and strong wind this evening.9 guys set off tonight and the average was well over 20 mph.

Everybody on carbon bikes now---hard to keep up if you are not.It is incredible to see the improvement in performance with the move from aluminium to carbon eased of course with improved physical fitness!
Mamils by the way being the new term for many of us-----
Middle aged males in lycra !

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More exciting quality bikes.

As you realize I am interested in selling quality bikes at good prices which hopefully pay you back in the long term.Initial price is not really the issue if you intend to use a bike as a tool ie cycling to work.Good value is the real point!!

I will be visiting the fantastic bike show in Friedrichshafen late August and hoping to come back with more amazing continental bikes which are not available in this country.

I will let you know what they are next month .Very exciting!!

Explanation of prices and Cyclescheme.

I need to try and explain about the cycle to work scheme as an umbrella term and Cyclescheme as the largest of the moneymaking middlemen and my pricing!

The cycle to work scheme itself can be run by anyone and everyone.Many small companies in Cambridge operate it themselves.This means they send a cheque to me for the amount of the bike and equipment.Simple, straight forward .

Cyclescheme is a moneymaking middleman.They make their profit by taking 10% of everything the shop sell to you.So if I sell you a bike for £750 I will loose £75 to Cyclescheme.They are one of the fastest growing and most profitable businesses in the country.

When I offer bikes at fantastic prices (which as you realize I always try to do) it is not possible to take the extra 10% hit if you purchase your bike on Cyclescheme. You need to take my special offer price and divide by 0.9 .

Obviously if I sell a bike at retail price I happily take the 10% hit myself !!

I hope this clears up an issue which for many of you seems confusing.