Thursday, February 8, 2018

Further clarification on "The Giant Shop" !!

Another little bit of clarification !!Most of you who read my articles ( and I am most flattered and astonished at the numbers now of people who do!!) will now realize that the "Giant shop" is not Giant direct but another independent shop namely Rutland Water.Giant have paid for the refit with the deal only their bikes are sold in store.

However, many people are still confused .They think that when I say I will order a bike from Giant ,I receive it from the Giant shop in Cambridge !!Incredible ------the fragility of the human mind and the way it works sometimes.

All shops who sell Giant order them from the U.K Giant wholesaler in Leicester.

When a bike is on offer- as long as Giant U.K in Leicester have your size in stock-I will have the bike by 7a.m next day provided you order from me before 11a.m. I can assure you of excellent service and I will always be able to do the best price.