Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cycling around the lake Constance area.

Although we went to lake Constance for the bike show ,once there all I really wanted to do was set off cycling.It is of course possible to do the 150 or so miles around the lake in a day and many people do.However it would make a fantastic mini tour of say 3 days or longer if you really want to enjoy this magical area in good weather.

The lake is bordering Switzerland ,Germany and Austria and the snow capped Alps are temptingly there too.For people like me who love mountain walking as much as cycling the whole area becomes irresistible.

You then think.The Rhine flows into the lake and then winds it's way back through Germany along the French border and is in itself a fantastic ride for people with more time.Or you could take your bike with Ryan air to Baden Baden ride to and around the lake and then venture along the fantastic German Alpine Road towards Konigsee.

The options for cycling here are boundless!!I have to return!!
Picture shows one of the many cycling combinations we saw around Bodensee.