Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eurobike 2010.

If you have tried in vain to contact me in the past week it is because I have been at the Eurobike show on lake Constance.

The show itself was of course very interesting and it was great to see the new range from VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur.( of course they do not change much in terms of styling and quality anyway! )This year they have however filled some gaps in their range---guite a few actually.I will try and fill you in.

The S300 and S200 are much the same and I am sure the S300 will become the most popular bike for ladies in my shop.Standard colours for the S300 are black and chilli red this year.The S200 is standard in black, chilli red and milk white but also looks fantastic in sunflower yellow.You can see the yellow version in pic above.

The T50 model remains much the same and as always is the cheapest of their bikes starting at around 499 euros.this bike is an "order model "which means shops have to preorder the models they want but once ordered they will not be made again later in the year.

Anyway in between the very popular T100 and T300 they have introduced the T200 which I remember in the range probably 10 years or so ago.The main differences are the nexus 8 speed is the premium version on the T200 and it runs on 37 tyres as opposed to the T100 now running on wider 47 tyres.T200 also has a full chainglider chainguard which I always think is a great addition to any hub geared bike.T200 multi geared has an extra gear at the back making it 27 speed.
Photos above show from left to right the S300 the S200 and the T100 ladies in ocean blue.
This article is getting a little long winded so will write about the other models in separate blogs.
Please follow.!!