Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fahhrad T Belt update ------

The Fahrrad Manufaktur has been incredibly popular so far.Last October I took deposits on 5 of these bikes.Things have changed as the gearboxes and therefore the bikes themselves will now not be available until February 2011.Nearly all the people who ordered them have upgraded to Rohloff equipped T900's which really are amazing machines.

However when the bikes do reach my shop they will be popular with people who want fantastic quality and a great hub gear whist not willing to stretch the extra few hundred pounds to the Rohloff.

Firstly the appeal of the belt drive which should need no maintenance even if you cycle it around the world is self evident.

Maintenance apart the bike is incredibly silent to cycle and very clean !! There is no oil to transfer to your trousers and no rust from salt ridden chains in the winter.

Even though these bikes are not cheap they are tremendous value when you consider the gearbox as the Alfine 11 speed is only 3 gears short of a Rohloff and yet nearly £1000 cheaper !!

It will be interesting to see any Rohloff developments as Shimano creep ever nearer in the hub gear department.

The T Belt this year comes with a neat chainguard this year which last year was missing.