Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fahrrad S300 versus S200 ?

Pictures show the S300 8 speed in white the S300 dual drive in red the S200 in black or yellow.

The Fahrrad Manufaktur S300 and S200 are the 2 models classed as City models although in reality the S300, particularly in dual drive form, ( i will explain!) ,could be used for most cycling requirements including touring.

I am going to try and tell you about the differences between these two fantastic bikes.

The S300 comes either as an 8 speed (premium) hub geared bike or as a 24 speed dual drive .

The 8 speed has a fully enclosed chainglider chainguard which I think is a fantastic addition to any hub geared bike.They are very light,completely cover the chain,very easy to work with and very, very neat.The bike has a lovely low step through which is particularly useful especially for women who may choose to cycle in trousers one day and in a dress the next.

The handlebar stem is a doubly adjustable A head system which caters for the comfort and riding positions of most people.

The S300 dual drive option runs with a 3 speed hub gear(sram) and an 8 speed cassette with a single 38 tooth chainwheel at the front.This gives the bike a tremendous range of gearing(542%)1.92-------10.43.This is wider than the Rohloff gearbox and also than a derailleur 27 speed system.It means that this bike could also be used for cycle touring and would be great for people living in hilly areas.

The rest of the bike is the same spec as the 8 speed except of course for the chainguard which on the dualdrive is not fully enclosed.

O.K now the S200.This is a more substantial looking bike in terms of size mainly because it runs with wider tyres 622-50 as opposed to the 622-37 on the S300.It therefore has wider mudguards.The stand is a centre stand which makes the bike very stable if loaded with shopping.

The S200 has a suspension seatpost ( another comfort feature along with the wider tyres).

The other main difference between the 2 models is the braking----

The S300 runs with shimano v brakes whilst the S200 runs with the same v brakes but also has a coaster brake (rear brake back pedal).

You need to cycle them to really notice the difference but the S300 is much sportier and suprisingly nippy for a hub geared bike whilst the S200 is designed around comfort .


S300 either option £630

S200 £699.

The S300 is undoubtedly my most popular ladies commuting bike.I usually have it in black , red and ocean blue colours.This year it is running with a powerful led frontlight (with standlight included of course ) and the rear rack has a dogleg which means panniers have a wide supportive area to rest against.

Remember that as with all Fahrrad bikes all the fitting bolts are stainless steel,rims are always double walled with stainless spokes,the nuts securing the v-brake pads are painted black( therefore no rust ).Mudguards are SKS made in Germany not A N other made in China.All these unseen features to the untrained eye make big differences to the longevity and useability of your bike and I can confidently say that you will not be able to find a better value commuting bike than those in the Fahrrad range. ( Value is when price and quality are both taken into account ! )