Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hub geared bikes.

One of my aims on going to Eurobike this year was to make sure that over the coming year and into the future my shop will be able to provide the most comprehensive range of hub geared bikes in the area ---I mean beyond Cambridge.

I will be having and already have the following selection of hub gears on bikes

Shimano 3 speed .
Shimano 7 speed .
Shimano 8 speed .
Shimano 8 speed premium.
Shimano Alfine 8 speed.
Shimano 11 speed Alfine.

Sram 3 speed
Sram 7 speed
Sram dual drive system.

Rohloff 14 speed

Come and ride a Rohloff or Alfine 11 speed or shimano 8 speed in normal/premium or alfine versions !! Come and try the dual drive system too.

Most shops do not even stock bikes like I do let alone let you ride them. This is my expertise and my passion. Come and take advantage of my passion and expertise !!!