Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rohloff's arrive.

Next week will see the arrival of the first of a batch of Rohloff equipped bicycles.It will be the Fahrrad Manufaktur T900 ( which has been described as a classic of everyday design by a reporter in the Guardian ) and is certainly a lovely bike.

For those people who are intrigued by the Rohloff 14 speed gearbox and find it hard to locate them locally,you are more than welcome to come and take a look and a ride.

I have ridden the bike now and it really is great !!Very ,very sporty and superb quality.Almost all German with the German made frame,Tubus rack ,Magura hydraulic HS 33 brakes the Rohloff 14 speed gearbox ,Son and Busch and Muller lighting,SKS mudguards.And on and on.

Usually one is looking at a bike and trying to find something on it which is not made in the far east.On this bike one does the opposite !!Even the stand is Swiss.FANTASTIC.

It is great to stock and sell proper bikes.Yes they cost me money to stock but it is worth it !
These bikes are proving popular.Three T900's left the shop in December and I feel it to be a privelege to be someone now regularly selling Rohloff equipped bikes.
There is absolutely no need to queue at St John Street Cycles for a "Thorn" !!
As an update the Rohloff equipped bikes from VSF are proving to be one of the most popular bikes I am selling --especially in the T400 and T900 models. 8 Rohloff equipped bikes have been sold to very lucky customers since November and more are on order now.