Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shocking !!

A good friend has just sent me a link to the Evans website and asked me to download their pricelist for repairs and "servicing" (that very interesting word ).Well I have looked at it and I am really taken aback.Lots of people are telling me all the time to raise my prices from almost a charitable level and I admit that I should do this but find it difficult.

Now I can see why !Prices which Evans quote on their pricelist such as £13.95 just to fit a set of lights and £13.95 for a puncture and £27.50 if the bike has a hub gear (WOW) are to me unbelievable.What is even more amazing is that people are paying these prices and clearly thinking nothing of it.Lets face it Evans has many ,many shops and customers pay for these shops.

Oh well ! that has been an eye opener --no wonder customers almost magically forget the prices when I ask them what they have paid for repairs in other shops !!