Thursday, January 27, 2011

Many amazing bikes and frames available !!

I now have many amazing bikes and frames available.They are not low end bikes only high end !

I will have 10 or so Giant Racing bikes which have been used in races or as demo bikes.

The bikes are rather special in that they are a mixture of Defy Advanced, TCR Advanced and TCR Advanced SL frames but all bikes are running on exactly the same specs.

It is these specs that really make them special.

Everything is full 7800 Dura-Ace and the wheels are the amazing Mavic Kysirium SL Superlight Premiums.

The handlebars and stems are full carbon FSA.

Let me know if you are interested.I will price them when I have checked everything over.

In terms of current retail price these bikes would be between £4500 and £5500.


Moving onto road bike frames--------

I have Defy Advanced,TCR Advanced's TCR Advanced SL's.Some are brand new in unopened boxes some have been used.

I also have many full carbon forks including the new 11/4 to 11/8 tapered forks.

For those looking for more ordinary frames I do have some Defy aluminium frames.

O.K Mountain bike frames.I have quite a few.Mostly higher end carbon frames.They range from XTC aluminium to Anthem Advanced and XTC Advanced SL.
All these frames now sold.

No one will have such fantastic equipment at such amazing prices.

You all by now know the amazing deals I do.However remember most of this equipment is very, very high end so it is not pennies.