Friday, January 28, 2011

Martin picks up the first T200 we have sold.

This year Fahrrad Manufaktur have added some extra models to their range.One very sensible addition is the T200.The main difference between this model and the ever popular T100 is that the T200 runs with a fully enclosed chainglider chainguard and the 8 speed nexus premium gearbox.For those willing to spend a little more these are sensible upgrades as the chain and you!! are kept much cleaner and all plastic bits are replaced with metal in the gearbox.The seals are also far superior which is important given the fact we are dealing with ever harsher winters(specifically more water and salt !)
The pictures show the T200 and Martin who is my first customer to buy one of these models.He has chosen the ocean blue colour which does look fantastic.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Many amazing bikes and frames available !!

I now have many amazing bikes and frames available.They are not low end bikes only high end !

I will have 10 or so Giant Racing bikes which have been used in races or as demo bikes.

The bikes are rather special in that they are a mixture of Defy Advanced, TCR Advanced and TCR Advanced SL frames but all bikes are running on exactly the same specs.

It is these specs that really make them special.

Everything is full 7800 Dura-Ace and the wheels are the amazing Mavic Kysirium SL Superlight Premiums.

The handlebars and stems are full carbon FSA.

Let me know if you are interested.I will price them when I have checked everything over.

In terms of current retail price these bikes would be between £4500 and £5500.


Moving onto road bike frames--------

I have Defy Advanced,TCR Advanced's TCR Advanced SL's.Some are brand new in unopened boxes some have been used.

I also have many full carbon forks including the new 11/4 to 11/8 tapered forks.

For those looking for more ordinary frames I do have some Defy aluminium frames.

O.K Mountain bike frames.I have quite a few.Mostly higher end carbon frames.They range from XTC aluminium to Anthem Advanced and XTC Advanced SL.
All these frames now sold.

No one will have such fantastic equipment at such amazing prices.

You all by now know the amazing deals I do.However remember most of this equipment is very, very high end so it is not pennies.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update on my "shocking "blog

For all you people who have high end racers or even those running on 105 or equivalent up.

You will probably find that if you take your expensive bike in for a "service" !! you are charged appropriately more money because your bike cost you lots of money.

When bike shops "service" high end bikes they are always the least time consuming and quickest and easiest to work on.

Low end bikes take much more time to fix because the dreadful quality of cheap bikes mean there are no proper tolerances for decent adjustment.

Therefore think very carefully about where you take your pride and joy for "services" especially when they are not needed ---which is usually the case.Unless you feel better throwing your money away that is.

Fahrrad T900 Rohloff night ride !!

I have just returned from a 10 mile night ride on the T900 Rohloff. I wanted to familiarise myself with the gearbox and it's range and I also was very keen to see how powerful the lights are. The Son nabendynamo teamed with the B&M Lumotec IQ Cyo Senso Plus led with 60 lux and the rear B&M Flat Led certainly did not disappoint.The front light is so powerful with 60 lux that the only worry is the anachronistic cars flashing you as if you are on full beam !As soon as you spin the front wheel the capacitors have charged the leds and you immediately have light when stationary.

The bike itself is a joy to ride.It is beautifully silent and quick.I love the handlebar position which encourages you into a slight lean forward but this is helped by the lovely handlebar grips with their palm supports.

It is great to ride with a Rohloff in a 700c rim.You normally only see the gearbox in 26" wheel out and out travel bikes--- and indeed Fahrrad make one of the best in the T400--- .However there are people who like to tour in areas where you do not essentially need a 26" rim ---for example in most parts of the U.K and most areas of Europe--- and in these cases the 700c wheel is more appropriate.

In any case the bike is great.I met a Dutch cycle dealer in Germany recently and all he sells is bicycles equipped with Rohloff gears from a very small shop.He sold over 50 Fahrrads with Rohloff's last year alone.I can see why.

It is time to take on the Thorns !!! My next blog coming up !

My thoughts on carbon road bikes

This is a real pleasure to be able to voice some personal thoughts about bikes over the internet !

Up until recently --say the last couple of years I was dubious about the future and real benefit of carbon as a material for road bikes.

However I have to say that I am a real convert now and to those of you who cycle road bikes as a hobby or for fitness I would really recommend them.O.K they cost more generally than aluminium bikes but they are so superior to ride.

They are generally very light although when you go below 7kg you do need to be fit and strong to get the maximum benefits from the machine.
The feel of the carbon as a material is gorgeous and a reason to have one in itself !
They are incredible under acceleration and hill climbing becomes much easier as although they are light the bikes are also very rigid when pushed hard but are still so comfortable and forgiving on bumpy roads.

My favourite out of the Giants this year has to be the TCR Advanced 2.The weight is perfect for most people (in the 7kgs).The weight is helped by the full carbon forks--I think if you are going carbon go full hog (unless price is the issue but in reality this actually is rarely a real issue for people looking at these bikes).Full Ultegra is great--most of us do not really notice the difference between Ultegra and Duraace apart from price and show!
Kysirium Elite are probably really the start of great wheels and HUBS.People really underestimate hubs but they are soooo important if you want to go fast!!

Come and try a carbon road bike--I have a good selection for you to see.If you come out on our rides there are enough great bikes for you to see and try.

Lovely German low step through bike.

Take a look at the Rabeneick Fancy Wellness Deep Entry ! Their words not mine!
The bike has a very low step through which is particularly beneficial for people who may have hip problems or flexibility issues.

It has a Shimano Nexus 3 speed gear system and a hub dynamoed lighting system with rear standlight.

Other benefits are a centre stand,rack, comprehensive chainguard,pump and bell.

I have sold quite a few of these this year. However I think it will be even more popular as the 2011 model with this beautiful bright red colour.

Price £399.
As of today the 2011 version of this bike is in the shop.They look great and are fantastic value.

Shocking !!

A good friend has just sent me a link to the Evans website and asked me to download their pricelist for repairs and "servicing" (that very interesting word ).Well I have looked at it and I am really taken aback.Lots of people are telling me all the time to raise my prices from almost a charitable level and I admit that I should do this but find it difficult.

Now I can see why !Prices which Evans quote on their pricelist such as £13.95 just to fit a set of lights and £13.95 for a puncture and £27.50 if the bike has a hub gear (WOW) are to me unbelievable.What is even more amazing is that people are paying these prices and clearly thinking nothing of it.Lets face it Evans has many ,many shops and customers pay for these shops.

Oh well ! that has been an eye opener --no wonder customers almost magically forget the prices when I ask them what they have paid for repairs in other shops !!