Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rides this year so far if you want to join us

Last week in March a few of us are travelling to Majorca.We will be hiring a car and then up to
Porto Pollenca. We will hire bikes there and be based there.We will then have 5 days of cycling.Hopefully the climb up to Cape Formentor will be one of the rides.

As an update the training has been punishing so far ! But worth it one hopes.One of the advantages of running your own business is that you can select to take time out during the week to do things you enjoy and as one gets older free time becomes much more valuable than making money !! Anyway whilst riding on Sundays it is amazing how many people are out riding which is great. Whist doing repeat rides up Barrington Hill it is unusual to be the only one on it every time one goes up.

We will post some pics on our return from Majorca and provide details of our more interesting rides.

Later in the year we are tackling the Alpe d'Huez.This is an organized race and tickets are likely now to cost £100 as everything is now sold.This is first weekend in July.Getting there and accommodation will be cheap.

Once again let me know but we need to book flights pretty soon.

We are booked in for La Marmotte which includes the Alped'Huez as the final climb of the day !!
That means a lot of cycling between now and July for me personally to stand a chance of achieving this !!