Thursday, February 8, 2018

VSF Fahrrad Rohloff stories.

Yesterday saw the first VSF T900 Rohloff in a ladies frame leave the shop.Not only that but Veronica decided to cycle the bike back home to Letchworth. I always think it is really great when people do this. Things were so busy in the shop yesterday that I forgot to take a picture of her setting off which is a bit annoying !

The preparation of the two Rohloff equipped bikes for the australian couple who are cycling the bikes back to Melbourne is coming on. However the bikes have had to change as production of the T400 rohloff has been delayed. Therefore the bikes will be a ladies T400 Rohloff and a T900 gents. Of course both of these bikes are more than capable of crossing the world but I will be interested to hear the comparisons after or even during their trip.

There is a lot of work for me to do before Tuesday when the customers are picking the bikes up.They have specific requirements for their journey which include drilling the rims to enable the fitting of schrader tubes ( their preference ), fitting Brooks Flyer saddles,adding front Tubus rack to the T900,changing tyres to even more puncture proof travel tyres such as Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour. Altura Orkney panniers (which would be my choice for a trip like this ) need fitting front and back along with one Orkney bar bag.

Anyway the preparation goes on.Hopefully before the customers take the bikes I will take some pics and show you what two Rohloff fully equipped VSF Fahrrads look like before they set off.
As promised pictures of the T900 and T400 ladies Rohloff's in expedition mode.They look fantastic and ride beautifully !!