Thursday, October 13, 2011

Next trip looming !

Life is too short so the next trip looms ahead of me.

This time Coast to Coast across the Scottish Highlands.Trip will go from Kyle of Lochalsh near the Isle of Skye to Montrose on the East coast.

This is an off road trip predominantly and is often voted as one of the best rides in the U.K. So very hard to resist particularly at this time of year when there will be no midges and even more importantly next to no people !!

Distance is approx 250 miles and I am giving myself 4 days to complete it. That seems like a long time when you think that staying on the road is an easy 2 day journey. However there are some serious off road climbs such as the Corriey-Airack Pass and Mt . Keen to cope with so 4 days will be pushing it ---I imagine !!Maybe it will be no problem ---I will let you know !

So anyway from Cambridge train journey up to Inverness arriving 8 p.m.Next morning train journey from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh.

Should set off towards Ratagan about 11.30 a.m on Monday morning and then we are off.

Promise I will give a report on this ride once back !!

By the way I am going on a retro bike. It is a Cannondale from the late 1980's. It is quick and comfortable for me and light . It is great to pull a bike from mothballing into action !!
No suspension and aluminium forks so I will be well pounded at the end !!