Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scottish Highlands . Day 2.

Pics show bike in garage at Fort Augustus

Town is Fort Augustus with Caledonian Canal.

Two other shots are on the way

to Inverness.

Great breakfast at Tomdoun Hotel. Nice table for one don't you all think ! Set off about 9a.m with aim of heading to Fort Augustus and then over the Corrieyairack pass towards Glenfeshie. O.K Chris in your dreams !! At this point I really thought this possible ! I think myself as physically invincible you see !!!

Tough ride through wet forest tracks to Invergarry. From here fantastic flat run up the Caledonian Canal to Fort Augustus. All going well. weather at this point closing in again with heavy rain. Right lets get up the Corrieyairack pass which at 2550 ft is the highest point on the ride.Started heading up and at a steep section familiar rub as tyre hits frame. This time axle no. 2 has bent under pressure.

Rethink time. Quick look at map says only thing is cycle back along Loch Ness to Inverness to pick up new axle and move from there. But first down to local garage in Fort Augustus to hopefully scrounge some proper tools and cobble the axle somehow. The guys in the garage were great and lent me the tools I needed to do as best I could with axle n0.2.When I said I would try the pass again they told me there was 2foot of snow up there and that if I tried going up there at this time of day they would physically not let me do it. O.K point taken. back to Inverness but not before a really bad lunch of coke, cake ,crisps , biscuits and coffee. Don't copy that !

The climb up on the B road out of Fort Augustus is long and quite steep reaching to about 300 metres. Then a great run (34miles or so back to Inverness ) This is when I found out how much better value the B&B's were . So had a really comfy night even though the following morning the lady asked me which bed I had slept in. I replied ---the one by the window--- to which she retorted---I had not made that one up-there were no sheets on the bed !! I was comfy anyway.