Thursday, February 8, 2018

First 2012 VSF T900 Rohloff leaves shop

Pic 1 shows updated Rohloff shifter now with white numbering.
Pic 2 shows Hebie chainglider chainguard.
Pic 3 shows trademark red (Japanese made bell)and Magura HS 11 brakes.

Pic 4 shows you the fantastic Exal MX19 eyeletted rim.

Pic 5 shows the hydraulic brakes at rim positioning.
Pic shows Judi collecting her bike last weekend

Pic 7 shows the whole bike in it's glory !! And finally pic 8 the work of art that is a Rohloff gearbox.

The first VSF T900 Rohloff 2012 has just left the shop. A customer from Henley-On-Thames has just become the lucky new owner.

The T900 is probably my favourite bike from the VSF range. I suppose that is for two reasons.

Firstly I have ridden this model much more than any other---it therefore suits one type of cycling that I choose to do---touring in hillyand mountaineous regions but with fairly decent road surfaces.

Secondly it is simply the fantastic quality of all the components and the frame.If you look at the testimonial page you will see at least one customer who feels the same.The Rohloff is the true heart of the machine and all other components such as the magura brakes, the MX19 double walled ,eyeletted rims with stainless spokes,the fantastic hub dynamoed standlight lighting system,tubus rack,sks mudguards,ergon grips,selle royale respiro saddle are all of similar get the message ......this is max quality at a brilliant price.

Once you have spent the money you have a world class touring bike.

There are two main differences this year in terms of spec.Firstly the bike is now equipped with Magura HS11 brakes as opposed to HS33 last year. VSF assure me that quality and internal components are exactly the same in both models so the change makes sense for most cyclists as there is now a longer lever which for most will give better braking control.Secondly the Son hub dynamo has now been replaced with shimano model DH-3N80.

This bike is in the beautiful emerald green colour.

Price of bike 2199 euros. Times by 0.9 to get pound price.