Thursday, February 8, 2018

Rohloff's and 11 speed T Belts

Saturday June 9th was quite a special day in the shop because of the range of hub geared bikes which were sold in the same day.

I love selling the VSF Rohloff geared cycles and Andrew Baxter and his wife collected two T900's in a beautiful midnight blue colour which matched the colour of their car perfectly ! I have sold lots of T900 Rohloff equipped VSF's now but this was the first time his and her T900's have left together !!

Paul Cook tried the VSF T Belt with the Shimano 11 speed alfine gear box and Gates Belt drive and in the end felt he could not resist it for his daily commute !

Jim Higgins came in initially about an 8 speed hub geared cycle from another manufacturer but soon dispelled his initial ideas after riding the VSF T100 with 8 speed hub gears. When he realized that this bike had the gears he wanted plus fantastic hub dynamoed lighting with standlights ,rack ,SKS mudguards,comprehensive chainguard, quality Japanese bell, proper sturdy stand ------and all for less money than the stripped naked bike he had initially proposed !!----there was no question. He took the T100.

I have decided to extend the range of models to stock as if I already do not have enough !!

So in addition to the 8 speed and 8 speed premium geared bikes and obviously the 11 speed shimano and Rohloff I will also have the T500 which is the shimano 8 speed alfine geared bike.