Thursday, February 8, 2018

VSF Electric bikes-The Pedelec

If you want to use a proper electric bike then you need to choose a brand like VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur.

These are not cheap bikes but they will work and if there are problems you will have back up both from me and VSF.

David Lightley who was already a customer (having bought a T300 with premium 8 speed gearing for his daily commute) recently bought one for his wife Claire. David is not the sort of guy to buy just anything-----he always researches thoroughly and asked many sensible and pertinent questions before purchasing the P 300 pedelec from me.

The VSF pedelecs only use the Bosch system. This system is the only one which stands up to the rigorous standards that VSF set for themselves and their customers. It is both reliable and efficient and is probably the most advanced in terms of looks in that the machine looks very much like a normal cycle-----the motor is discreetly held under the BB and the battery in it's slimline form is neatly held in the rear rack.

Take a look at the bike in the pics here on the day that David and Claire collected theirs !

Very interestingly two weeks ago I sold a VSF T50 with 8 speed hub gears to a customer who had bought a cheap chinese quality E Bike for £800 and had so many problems ( even after a recent £300 "repair " from those he had purchased from) . He decided that the T50 rode so easily and well that it would be better than a cheap E Bike.

So the morale here is that if you decide to go down the E Bike route and frankly some people need to (either through age or specific ailments ) then invest in quality !!