Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Giant's wonderful carbon frames.

If you are interested in finding out which are really the best bikes to buy for your money then go to Giant's webpage and see the testing they have done on their own and their competitors bikes. You will not be surprised to see the results of course........the Giant frames can not be beaten on all the really important aspects such as weight and stiffness,compliance and handling. Read for yourselves.........

Also be aware that it is the ISP frames that really ,really win. (Integral seat post ). I understand that many of you worry about these frames mainly because you need to cut the seatposts for your height. Be aware that the frames are supplied with 2 seatpost caps ....20mm and 45mm and multifarious spacers so there is room for error and also helps make the resale value no problem.

The ISP will not be going away and notice that this year Giant are making more ISP frames than ever......TCR and DEFY Advanced SL frames.