Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Remember how to shop for bicycles. Take my advice.

Several of my posts say the same sort of things !! However you as people wanting to buy bikes very often do not understand how to shop.

You are all looking essentially for best price. I understand that.......we are all the same and no one wants to see any one else have their money........ even if they receive something worthy for that money !!!

So the classic scenario is......go onto the countless forums to seek advice and try and work out which are the best brands to potentially purchase. Once narrowed down try and find a real live shop stocking those bikes.......some poor sod who has actually put their own money on the line for you to come and look at and hopefully for you they will let you ride the machine and help you too !!

Next scene in the scenario. You like a bike the poor shop keeper has in stock. You have enjoyed riding it and you have hopefully taken in some valuable advice if you have gone to the correct shops !!! You see what price the bike is in the shop and your immediate reaction is to run home to your computer and try to find it cheaper.

Once you do find it cheaper you presume that is end of story. You must buy from the internet supplier.

WRONG. The first thing is to return to your local supplier .......if you have had good service from them up to this point. Be honest and say that you have seen the same bike on the internet or somewhere else cheaper. Can they possibly match the same price or if you are decent you will say "can you match the price and I pay you a bit more for setting the bike up properly for me and for your ongoing support and service !!!!!!!!!"

All shops big or small pay the same price so of course if you approach someone like me who owns the business ,owns his own premises and knows exactly the prices you will nearly always get the best deal . Not only the best price but REMEMBER the bike will be set up for you and you will receive ongoing help and service from me. This is valuable as we will have set up a relationship of scratching each others backs. Very important..........

PLUS and this is important.....I am an expert in what I do........I ride the bikes you are looking to buy.I repair these bikes everyday.......I understand about carbon as a material......I sell these machines everyday. I will provide you with the necessary proper information you need. Buying and owning a carbon bike is not the same as owning an aluminium bike . Many people selling them to you will not have my knowledge and will not care for you as a customer. What I offer is a very rare thing and you can very seldom receive my expertise in big neon lit megastores. Life is an illusion and although marketing makes all of us believe that biggest is best the opposite is true.........IF you find the right guy !!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading !!!!! I know some of you will appreciate and understand !!!!!!!!