Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back from cycling Tenerife.Giant Defy versus TCR !

For anyone who has been trying to contact me over the last week I am back in action as normal again.
Duncan and I have been trying out Tenerife and it was fantastic cycling. Over 4 days we covered

250 miles
10000 plus metres of climbing
20000 plus calories burnt

We also managed to cycle up to the crater of Mt Teide 2300 metres from sea level three times from three different sides which was very satisfying but also very hard work.

The best thing of all was that Duncan excelled himself with the hotel this time. He found us a deal all inclusive for £20 per night. FANTASTIC !! As much food and drink as we could consume and a perfectly comfortable night's sleep to go with it !!

Bikes we took with us were Duncan's TCR Advanced SL running on Ultegra and I was trying out the new 2013 Defy Advanced 1 running on Ultegra.I was keen to see how the progression in frame design especially the larger headstock 11/4 to 11/2 would affect handling especially downhill cornering.I had been riding a TCR Advanced SL for the previous two years and was at one with the bike so really need to ride the Defy more to determine true differences. However any slight movement of the front end by you the rider is immediately picked up by the Defy and you are then settled very securely on your new course. Once your line is chosen the bike is really rock solid. In the Alps in July I had my TCR up to 58.5 mph and it was rock solid. Our top speed on this trip was only about 46 mph but the Defy was absolutely spot on stability wise.