Thursday, February 8, 2018

Do you buy the Giant TCR or DEFY carbon bike ?!

Do you buy a Giant TCR or DEFY carbon bike? I know this is a question often asked as I see it appearing on my statcounter all the time.I also know it is difficult for you all to receive the answers to your questions. I know your questions and mostly I think know the answers too !!

I will try and make the most important differences clear to you.

The TCR is essentially designed as a race bike.

The Defy was developed primarily as a bike for those same racers tackling longer day rides over more difficult road surfaces ie The Paris -Roubaix. For this specific ride with many miles of cobbles Giant developed the Defy Advanced SL.

The TCR has a shorter wheelbase than the DEFY. A longer wheelbase is typical of bikes designed for long days in the saddle.......most touring bikes have very long wheelbases.

The TCR is lower than the DEFY on the headstock. When racing you need a lower more streamlined position .

Now take a look at the shape of the downtubes on both bikes. You will notice the TCR has a huge box section whilst the DEFY is  much more rounded. The roundness of the DEFY reduces fatigue and makes the frame very much more compliant than the TCR where comfort during the ride is not of paramount importance. With the TCR rigidity is much more of an issue to go that fraction of a second faster !

Saddles as standard are different too. The TCR runs with Arione saddles at the high end and although there are 3 grades of this saddle to cater for different levels of flexibility they are not exactly the most comfortable. Rather more like sitting on a board but if racing this is what you need. The Aliante is the saddle of choice for the DEFY with more comfort for those gruelling long day rides.

So generally there you have it. With more and more middle aged people taking up cycling as a worthy form of excercise the DEFY will probably be your steed of choice. If you are younger and looking for speed and shorter race distances then go TCR.

I ride both bikes and there really is a difference. They are both amazing frames !!

One other very important point........gearing ! All the TCR Advanced and Advanced SL's will be running on race bike gearing ....53x39 and 11x25. The TCR composites are running on compact 50x34 and 11x28.

All the Defy models except the DEFY Advanced SL0 (52x36 and 11x28) will be running on compact 50x34 and 11x28.

For the majority of you the compact option will suit you better as you will be able to ride in pretty much all situations ie on the flat but also in the Alps for example.