Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Reiteration !

Can I please reiterate that when you are phoning around the country for best price please leave me to last. There is really no point in phoning and asking me for my best price without giving me a best price I need to beat.

I suppose I want to sell the bike ......price is relatively immaterial within reason but if I provide my best price on your first call I will never ever hear from you again as you will immediately throw my price against the next shop to try and get an even better deal for yourself !!

Both parties need to feel happy in this wild west of dealing we now live with.

Woffling on again.......we do live in incredibly exciting times where money no longer has any value,shops as we know them will rapidly start to disappear as we know them at present. I suppose there will soon be virtual fitting of clothes and bicycles. It will be fascinating to see how things develop........

Even more fascinating as I was discussing with my eldest daughter recently will be the time probably in her middle age when the tables turn and some bright spark has the idea of........opening a shop!!!

Can you imagine the excitement and novelty of actually being able to see and try a product and not only that but talk to a person who actually uses and really knows about the product you are interested in what a privilege that would be.......and if you actually ask they will do the same or better price than the ethernet.........

Happy days !!!!! Thanks for reading !!!