Monday, September 23, 2013

Giant Defy Advanced.......Cycling Plus Bike of Year !!


No surprise for me I have been riding one continuosly throughout this winter. If you need to know about the Defy Advanced bikes I am the person to talk to and buy from.I handle these bikes all the time and I also ride them all the time. You will get my knowledge and service and always best price.

                                                                                                                                                     Yesterday Giant had plenty of Defy Advanced 2's in stock and people were phoning me and umming and ahhing about the fantastic deals I was offering on the Defy Advanced models........I really want Ultegra not 105 ( but still for no money ).

Today the Defy Advanced 2 has won Cycling Plus Bike of the Year Award. 1 left in medium £1750

 There are still some Defy Advanced 1's available. I have small and large in stock as of 23/09/13. Small £2200 and large £2150 as small paint blemish.

I have been riding one for months now and know how good it is ......but my opinion of course does not count.........I just run a little bike point in taking any notice of me !!!!!!!

Here are a couple of pics with me and the Defy Advanced 1 in Tenerife . Behind me and Duncan there lies the brutal climb of Masca........You should try it sometime and the Defy Advanced is the bike to try it with.