Thursday, February 8, 2018

Review of the 2013 Giant Defy 0

The Giant Defy 0 is an important bike in the Giant range. It is important because it is the one bike ,positioned like a fulcrum point if you like ,which may swing your choice I go carbon or aluminium.

Current best deal........Giant Defy 0 2015 medium £650.

Carbon is a wonderful material to make bikes with but it has issues with it. Although incredibly strong in one piece it is also vulnerable if dropped against a kerbstone , clamped too tightly in your cycle carrier or workstand. It demands the use of a torque wrench to make sure bolts are tightened to the correct level, petroleum products must be kept well away from unlacquered areas......... if your stabilising pole slips in your Bike Box Alan you run the risk of arriving with a broken frame. It is really essential to make sure you have your carbon bike insured on your household policy for accidental damage !

On the plus side it is a wonderful material to ride with. It is the only material with which you can achieve the Holy Grail of frames. .......lightness, stiffness and compliance. More about this in an article to come......

Aluminium frames do not have the worries of carbon that I mentioned earlier. However although stiff and light ......the third all important feature of compliance is really not possible to achieve.

So this is where the Giant Defy 0 steps up and says ......."Here I am ". It fills the gap for the customer who wants a really beautiful bike which is light and fast with really good running gear .....without being carbon.Maybe someone with a young family who needs to keep the bike in the garage with the kids bikes and whose wife when moving it has no idea of the material the bike is made from !!

You all know that the Giant Defy 1 has won best bike of 2013 for bikes up to £1000. Well the Defy 0 is a step up from that .

Here are the main upgrades and you will see them in the pictures.

Firstly the running gear is upgraded from 105 to Ultegra on the shifters and rear derailleur.

Secondly the dual pivot brake calipers are named shimano as opposed to tektro.

Colour is just right. Not everyone wants a white bike although the Defy 1 in white this year does look exceptional . The Defy 0 really looks stunning in black and blue and this colour scheme has swayed at least two of my customers towards this machine.

As far as a high end aluminium bike can do the Defy 0 takes you towards the beautiful ride quality of carbon as it has the carbon forks and carbon seatpost to provide the compliance aspect........approaching the Holy Grail I mentioned earlier.

As of 15/05/13 only x large left in stock.
31.8 width bars,concealed cables. Neat.

Named shimano dual pivot calipers.

Beautiful colour scheme.

Working towards compliance.

Shimano Ultegra is high end quality

Along with the Defy 1 the 0 has the Aluxx SL frame. Pinnacle of Giant aluminium engineering.

Ultegra spec here too.

That lovely colour scheme again !