Thursday, February 8, 2018

Review of the VSF Fahrrad TX1000.................another King of Bicycles

I have just received the amazing VSF TX1000 for a customer. It surely is a King of Bicycles.

VSF produce three models equipped with the Rohloff 14 speedhub (which is a work of art in itself )

The TX400 (26" wheel expedition machine )

The T900 700c wheeled and designed for touring on predominantly good roads but able to take on any Alpine or Himalayan ascents.

The TX1000 which is a 700c version of the TX400 essentially.It is an expedition machine for all types of road surface .

All three bikes are steel frames 25 CrM0 4.All fittings are stainless and frames are powder coated.
Rust does not appear on these machines......the quality and attention to detail is too high

I will tell the story of the TX1000 through the pictures and you will understand the quality .

Price approx £2350 depending on state of euro.
Here is King of Bikes the TX1000 with 14 speed Rohloff Speedhub

The 14 speed Rohloff Speed hub.......truly a work of Art.

The Son delux  hub of if not the best hub dynamo in the world.

Son Schmidt Edelux front class again 80 lux.

Magura hydraulic rim brakes of course. German made excellence.

Tubus Tara front Lowrider. Tubus.....German you can buy.........again !

New for 2013 .....the Fast Lifter. An ingenious way of raising bars with an ahead configuration.This has been discontinued for 2014.......returning to standard ahead.

Eccentric bottom bracket..........the only way to go with a proper expedition hub geared bike. You must have vertical dropouts !!

Tubus Cargo at the back.............the best again !!

Busch and Muller with standlight.....german excellence........again.

The very neat Chainglider which keeps clothes clean and helps with chain maintenance. It is incredibly light and neat and easy to work with.

Exal EX 19 double walled............spokes stainless and double butted of course. VSF do not stray from Exal rims.

Quality with the Brooks B17 Imperial

The Rohloff 14 speed shifter

King of the Bikes