Thursday, February 8, 2018

VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur T500 Alfine 8 speed

Here is a write up on yet another amazing machine from my favourite bicycle manufacturer.......the T500 Alfine 8 speed . I am writing these reviews for two reasons really.....Firstly to show people that YES I do sell them and have nearly all the models in stock ......including the Rohloff versions and secondly so that you ,as potential customers, can see close up (with my pictures and write ups) the real detail of each model.

The T500 comes as both the Alfine 8 speed and the multigeared Deore 30 speed version. This year colours as standard are ebony black and the beautiful emerald green you see here for men and for ladies ebony and the really standout lipstick red.

The T500 is a model which I have only recently started stocking as for an 8 speed bike it is quite a lot of money at 1199 euros. However I sold one to a customer of mine in London recently and was so impressed with it I now have it in stock..............

So here we go..... Let's start with the frame. This is one reason accounting for extra cost. The frame is a double butted steel frame which is why the weight comes in at only 13.9 and 14.8 kg respectively for Deore and Alfine 8 speed. This tubing which is thinner in the middle than the stress bearing extremities also provides the all important compliance for which steel is always remember the 531 frames from yesteryear.

The shimano Alfine 8 speed gear box differs from the standard or premium 8 speed in that it has a rapidfire shifter as opposed to the very competent and user friendly twist grip. It works incredibly well and fits in with the more sporty feel of the T500. I am really impressed with the standard 8 speed gearbox but the Alfine may be quieter and a little smoother.......ratio at 306 % is the same on all three 8 speed boxes ( but far from the 525-537% of the work of art Rohloff !)

Fitting in once again with the sportier ride is the beautiful looking Curana chainguard rather than the fully enclosed chainglider. With their usual attention to quality and detail VSF have fitted rust free chains to accommodate the chain's exposure to weather .

Hub dynamo is the same DH-3N72 as on the T300 and lighting is front and back Busch and Muller with standlight front and back...

Tyres are fitting in with the sportier feel ..... being Schwalbe Marathon Racer and slimmer than VSF current trend at 700-35. Take  a look at the wheels........ MX19 double walled with eyelets and Niro 2mm stainless spokes.......STRONG.

Selle Royale Ariel saddle , Deore V brakes ,racktime rear rack, lightweight Marwi pedals,Pletscher stand and superb Japanese red bell  just add the extras to make this a truly fantastic machine.

Having ridden the T500 I really think it is the ultimate if you are after a sporty 8 speed hub geared commuter.

Price £899. You won't be able to find a better value bike .......cheaper yes of course.......but for the quality............NO WAY !!!
She's a beauty isn't she (flanked by a T50 5 speed and S100 8 speed !)

Showing the delectably neat Curana chainguard in light alloy and anti rust chain.

Deore V brakes, B&M Lumotec Lyt Plus 25 lux front light, Marathon Racer tyres and of course SKS mudguards.

Shimano 3N72 hub dynamo.

STRONG wheels...MX19 Exal Niro 2mm stainless spokes,eyeletted rims.

Rapid fire 8 speed shifter synonomous with Alfine gearbox.

Racktime rack with B&M Toplight Flat Plus rear led with standlight

The engine......Alfine 8 speed gearbox looking fantastic in black
T500 Alfine 8 speed belonging to David L on marshalling duty at rowing event on River Cam this weekend !!

Showing the raiser A head stem