Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tour of Mt Blanc 2014

No pics here as we were riding in rain and cloud for most of the time. Jan 2014 was a time to think about future rides for the year. Duncan and I decided to have a go at the Tour of Mt Blanc, run by the same organisers of the Marmotte, but a longer distance (330kms ) and more climbing (8000metres plus).
Sounded like a good idea at the time !! Well time moved on and last Friday we flew out to Geneva to tackle this ride. We were dubious as to whether we would, or could ,finish this one as it is was ramped up to be a mega ride.
The ride starts at les Saisies in France .......I had cycled through here in driving rain when cycling from Geneva to Nice in early June....... at 05.30 .....lights on and straight into a lovely long descent.......
Anyway without being boring we completed the ride quite comfortably as we did not want to come home with tails between our legs for the few people who knew we were doing it to feel let down !!!

300 entrants. 270 started  160 finished ( Rain,cold and thunderstorms would have been the reason for non finish). Me 109 and Duncan 111. So we were pleased. Apart from the real ,real cold conditions a lovely comfortable ride.

The problem is you come back looking for more demanding longer events that may really test you. I suppose it is like everything in try something and if it suits you ,you want more of it !!

The great thing about long and really long rides is that as one gets older your mind can be used to push you on when perhaps physically you may have given up when all is not lost.....