Thursday, February 8, 2018

VSF trip to Oldenburg 2014

August is the month for the annual VSF Bike Festival in Oldenburg. It is time to see the new range of bikes from my favourite bike manufacturer....Cycle Union......who produce the uncompromised in quality VSF bicycles. They also of course produce Kreidler and Rabeneick bicycles and this year I will be bringing some of these to the shop for those customers wanting a sub £400 commuting bike with German pedigree......

Anyway back to the VSF bikes and the show. Firstly thanks to Cycle Union for their generous hospitality. As usual many different food tents and bars were supplying limitless amounts of wonderful German food,beer and fact it was more like a food fest !! This year we were spoilt with a helicopter ride over Oldenburg which was great.

Every year there is a highlight at the show. This year was no exception and the undoubted star of the show ........and I couldn't take my eyes and mind off it for long........ was the T1200. This is another tremendous touring/expedition beauty but powered by the wonderful Pinion gearbox........... I will do an article seperately on this machine and the Pinion gearbox............

The range this year is, as usual, very similar to previous years.......but it has slimmed down somewhat and there is more symmetry to the models  which makes sense. For example, the T600 in previous years housed the 11 speed Alfine gearbox. This has now been promoted to T700 partnering the T700 XT derailleur geared model.

There is more choice and more of a range within the T50 and T100 models in that there is now a sport model in derailleur guise of both T50 and T100. Recently, tyres have been on steroids with both T50 and T100.......which suits the German market as there is more comfort and still very good rolling resistance if tyres are at the correct pressure. But now the sport model comes with much slimmer tyres,straighter bars ,better/ lighter rack (still with a dogleg). However there is only a disc chainguard not the comprehensive guard which is on the standard models .

Colours have been simplified too. Normally there is a default black colour for each model and one other optional colour. This year the T100 and T50 are only black ( satin black though) ! More expensive models still have the two colour option. Remember though,that as always , you can have any VSF colour as an optional extra for 90 euros.My most recent favourite colours (smaragd green and lipstick red are continuing this year with the T500, randonneur and S300. The T300 looks fantastic this year in Slate.

The City range has been trimmed down to the S100 and S300 and the S80. This makes sense and thank goodness the former two models are being kept as they are my most popular bike and fantastic city/commuting bikes for women.

The simplicity range has been slimmed down even more. Only the 8 CHT remains and this in fact was the first model to sell out at VSF in was so popular.

I have nearly every model in stock in my shop as I am commited to the VSF bicycles produced by Cycle Union. Once the T50's and T100s 's are produced in September I will have an example of every model here. The uncompromised quality and tremendous value for moneyof these bikes is a rare and fantastic thing in the modern day Bicycle world. Model by model write up will follow to help you.
About to enter  once again to see my favourite bikes  !!

Mary was impressed by the T1200 with Pinion gearbox and couldn't resist giving it a whizz round the test course !

Ready for take off !

View of the VSF factory from the air.....

Our two favourite chef's....always smiling and always working......we can learn lots from the Germans......

Getting ready for the Saturday night slap up meal !!

Star of the show ....T1200 on the Pinion stand

Getting the low down on the Pinion gearbox with Philip Plagens....

Internals of the Pinion......the Germans are absolute masters of this type of fine mechanical engineering.

Star of the show......The T1200 Pinion