Thursday, February 8, 2018

VSF Fahhrad Manufaktur Randonneur

I have just had some 2015 VSF Randonneurs delivered so now is the time to describe the bike in detail through pictures as usual. To remind you the VSF Randonneur is the only drop handlebar in the whole VSF range. So it is an expedition/touring bike in the classic style . Unlike the Dawes variants,which have generally let their quality and finish slide , VSF have kept their uncompromised quality and finish up. For the same sort of price there would be no comparison as to which is the better value and of course the better bike !!

Lets say that the bike remains essentially unchanged from 2014......... This is one of the great things about VSF as a company. If a bike works then why change it ? It also means that prices do not fly up every year accounting for the fantastic value against price comparison.

So the frame...... steel of course... 25 CrMo4. Double butted naturally, which means that the frame is thicker towards the welds but thinner in the centre of the tubing.Steel frames are incredibly strong and yet very compliant which makes them a perfect material choice for travel bikes. One of the reasons one now never sees any form of suspension on VSF bikes is because they are so compliant. Frame warranty is 10 years and the high tensile strength of these frames equates to 700N/mm squared.

Running gear is essentially shimano 105 with a 10 speed 11-32 HG81 cassette at the rear and 59/39/30 triple up front.........That is a great range.....

The lighting system with shimano XT hub dynamo runs the fabulous Busch and Muller IQ Cyo RT Senso Plus with 60 Lux (This light has daytime running lights ,sensor and permanent light) and Busch and Muller Toplight Line Plus at the rear..........very nice indeed.

Racks are both Tubus of course........... Tubus cargo at the rear and Tara lowrider at the front......

Mudguards as you would hope for and expect are of course SKS. The pump is also SKS..... the SKS road race frame pump.

Wheels are also the quality that one comes to expect from VSF.......Exal 19 double walled rims ,eyeletted with stainless spokes............Shimano XT rear hub to match the XT hub dynamo up front............. very pleasing.

Handlebar and stem are from Humpert and the handlebar tape Velo VLT with a lovely feel and specific to the brand as you see from the photo.

O.K .... enjoy the detailed photos and if you want to come and see what must surely be one of the best classic tourers on the planet then you are most welcome.....................

Current 2018 price £1400
VSF Randonneur for 2015
Showing the type of steel frame from which the cycle is manufactured and the exquisite emerald green finish.
Cockpit area showing dual brake system.
SKS mudguards of course.
Detail of the Busch and Muller front light.
Tubus Tara front low rider.
Shimano XT hub dynamo
Shimano 105 triple chainset.