Thursday, February 8, 2018

VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur City bikes S300 versus S100

Review here and accurate description of two of the most popular VSF bikes that I sell......The S300 and the S100. As usual I will show the difference and important features of these beautiful bicycles through pictures. Both are 8 speed hub geared machines which are great for town and commuting work as they are really nippy for hub geared bikes. They have full hub dynamo lighting systems with standlights , fully enclosed and neat chainglider chainguards, bell ,stand, rack and pump included as standard...........

The S300 and S100 look the same in that the frames ,wheels and geometry are identical. But there are differences in spec.....
The S100 in black or white this year runs with the shimano 8 speed gearbox and vbrakes.

The S300 runs with a redline 8 speed shimano gearbox, magura hydraulic rim brakes and an upgraded Shimano LX front hub dynamo.

Close up of the wonderful Magura hydraulic rim incredibly efficent and hassle free.

The Shimano Redline 8 speed gearbox as an upgrade over the S100's 8 speed. Better weather sealing and more metal rather than plastic componentry.

Both S100 and S300 run on the very strong double walled with stainless spokes Exal TX19 rims.

Both models have the advantage of the fully enclosed chainglider chainguard. Very neat ,light and tidy.

The cockpit area which is essentially the same for both bikes. Good quality Japanese bell that actually works,adjustable handlebar stem and comfy grips.
Shimano hub dynamo on S100. The S300 upgrades to the Shimano LX model which is lighter and has more efficiency

So there you have it. Two splendid VSF Fahrrad  Manufaktur commuting/city bikes which are very nippy,reliable with low maintenance. Rust is someting you will not see on the VSF bikes as all nuts and bolts follow the uncompromised quality of the brand and are stainless steel.

Bikes are in stock. Come and take a ride on quality bicycles.

Price for S100 £645 and S300 £799