Thursday, February 8, 2018

VSF T50s and T100s review. Come and try them at

VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur have introduced some new bike models for 2015 and very welcome they
are too. These new bikes are called the T50 s and the T100s. For some years now tyres have been getting wider on the T50 and T100 models. In Germany it is and has been very popular to have wider tyres as they provide comfort and also offer good rolling resistance when kept to the correct pressure.( The comfort aspect particularly relevant on the T50 as the frame is aluminium).

However this year VSF have introduced more sporty models of both the T50 and the T100. The main differences are.......(and these apply to both T50s and T100s )

Slimmer tyres for  a faster ride.......these bikes are very nippy.
Slimmer mudguards.
Straighter handlebars with a slight rise.......for a less sit up position.
Fixed handlebar stem on Ahead system
Disc chainguard as opposed to the comprehensive mudguards on other bikes.
Rear racks are lighter but still offering great dogleg as support for your panniers.

From the riding point of view the bikes are certainly transformed into much nippier, sportier versions of the traditional models. Both versions will appeal to different customers and this extra choice is great.

In terms of the differences between the T50s and the T100s.......

Firstly and this is the biggest difference is that the T100s is a steel frame and the T50s is aluminium. Good quality steel frames are much more expensive than aluminium and this is the main reason for the price difference between the two bikes.

Wheels are next !! The T100s has the Exal TX19 's which are a benchmark great quality rim common to the VSF range. They are double walled with stainless spokes...........very strong. The T50 runs with Schurrmann Airline wheels which are also double walled with stainless spokes.Not as pricey though as the Exal rims.

Next comes lighting. As with all VSF bikes full dynamo lighting running from front shimano hub dynamo. The T100s runs with Busch and Muller leds front and back with standlight and 20 lux front. The T50s runs with Trelock leds with same output.........standlights front and back on both models.

Gearing is upgraded from Shimano Acera and Altus on the T50s to Alivio on the T100s. All areas of running gear is upgraded on the T100s including the chain , cassette and chainset.

The Pletscher rear support stand is stronger and more comprehensive on the T100s  than the Pletscher side stand on the T50s.

Rear racks on both bikes are great in that they both have good shaped doglegs for your panniers and are light in weight........the T100s has the more expensive racktime version made by Tubus.

Colour is black for both models but the T100s is a new satin black while the T50s is the more usual gloss black.

So there you have the main differences between the two models. However although the steel frame and better specced componentry seem to make the T100s the surefire winner remember that the T50s comes in at 14.6kg as oppossed to 15.8kg for the T100s. Price is also less for the T50s ...........

 T100 s £645
 T50s    £475. I have 2 ladies currently 45 and 50cms. Next delivery will be May

T50s in foreground with T100s behind

T50s ladies(this one has chainguard. Subsequent models just disc)

Cockpit area of T50s

Euroline wheels on T50s

Shimano Acera rear derailleur on T50s

Trelock 20 lux front led with standlight (T50s)

T100s ladies........note satin black finish.

Close up of satin black finish.

Superior Exal TX19's on T100s

Upgraded Shimano Alivio rear derailleur on T100s

Cockpit area of T100s. Fixed stem.

Superior B&M 20 lux front led with standlight.

I often get asked if I sell VSF bikes..............err yes that is what I do for a living !! Here you see just some of the many models which are always in stock at any one time !!

T100s with other VSF models behind

This is the gents T100s...........yet more deliveries behind !!

Come and view and ride the many VSF bikes I have in stock at