Thursday, February 8, 2018

VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur T700.

Welcome to my review of the VSF T700 Deore XT 30 speed very quick trekking/commuting/touring bike. You will have read my review of the T500 30 speed which is a great,great bike............well here we notch up the spec and quality one more time . Too highly specced for most people in this country to consider......but of course in Germany and Holland where bicycles are much more highly thought of than here .......they are incredibly desirable machines that sell very well. I of course have one in the shop for you to see and ride if you want. You are also welcome to buy one !!

Right lets get down to the detail on this one. Essentially the T500 and 700 look identical to the disinterested or untrained eye. However the T700 is clothed throughout in Shimano XT....... including the rear hub. This is very high spec and makes for a world class machine. Very quick, with superb handling and super slick gear shifting.

The other significant difference between these two super steeds is that the T700 runs with magura HS 11 2 finger hydraulic rim brakes as opposed to the Deore v brakes on the T500.

Lighting is significantly upgraded on the 700. The dynamo is the same but the 700 front light has double the brightness( 50 lux ) with it's B&M Lumotec IQ2 EYC with standlight and the rear led on the 700 is the same as the T900........B&M Line with standlight.

Minor (ish ) other differences are more subtle but are still upgrades on the T700........Ergon GP1 grips on the 700 as opposed to Hermanns on the T500........the saddle is Selle Royal Ariel on both but the T700 has lookin gel for somewhat more comfort.

It is worth pointing out that at each step up there is a hub gear and multi geared bike within that step. The hub geared version of the T700 now runs with the Shimano Alfine 11 speed whereas the T500 hub geared option runs with the Alfine 8 speed .

Price £1150
The T700 30 speed

And from the left......

Showing the XT rear derailleur

And the XT chainset

fantastic B&M Lumotec IQ with 50 Lux

Showing the Magura HS 11 brake system

Same hub dynamo as the T500

Outboard BB.

Exal MX19 double walled with eyeletted stainless spokes

Hebie 611 rear kickstand

Selle Royal Ariel with Lookin Gel

Showing part of cockpit area .......Magura 2 finger lever and XT shifter

XT hub on rear wheel. Rolls beautifully.