Thursday, February 8, 2018

VSF show at Oldenburg 2015

Here we are once again at the VSF show in hardly seems a year since we were last visiting. As usual the German hospitality is second to none with food of all sorts and beer and wine flowing plentifully ALL day long!!

Primarily we are here to view the new 2016 range of bikes. relief really as the range is much the same as last year with the addition of two drop handlebar bikes......The R500 (Columbus steel framed with Ultegra running gear and Mavic Kysirium Elite wheel set ) road bike, and the CR 500 cyclocross.

There are some subtle differences from last year ........

All the Matt painted frames now have have matching Matt mudguards which are very much in keeping and look really sleek.

The higher end bikes using Magura hydraulic rim brakes (so from T300 up ) are now using the HS 22 brakes which are much more modern in looks with finer lines than the HS11. they are a more powerful brake and also have a three point adjuster at the lever end which is incredibly easy to use. At the slave cylinder end the plastic ring is updated and makes adjusting the brakes on the rim very much easier.

The T1200 Pinion is now Gates belt driven with a chain guard which does look really fantastic. However the T1200 chain driven model is also very popular and has sold really well in Germany. When we arrived on Friday morning there were a few T 1200's at a slight sale price .........but they were already sold........that speaks words as the German dealers know what sells and are very sharp .

The S300 8 speed city bike which has always been (along with the S100) one of my biggest sellers has now been partnered with a multi geared version.

The T50 aluminium city bikes have an addition to their family this year with a 5 speed nexus version as an entry model which is ( as all the bikes are) fantastic value.

This year the T900 has the fantastic B&M Luxox U front led which enables you to charge your Garmin or computer related products on the move.

The T500 and T700 are using much sportier saddles this year from Selle Royal which look very sleek and I think are in keeping with these bikes as they are probably the nippiest in the whole range.

Favourite colou

rs for me this year are the Brown/ olive TX 400 multi geared the midnight Matt blue on the T300, slate Matt on the TX800 and the shiny emerald green of the Randonneur. Finally the even shinier emerald green of the S80 which I will have in the shop !!

This is a brief overview of my first impressions of the new range. Specific reviews of each model will follow !!

Pics will follow !!

CR500 Columbus framed road bike equipped with full Ultegra and Mavic Kysiriums !
All new Magura HS 22's.
T1200 Pinion this year with Gates belt drive and neat chainguard.
Al new CR500 Cyclo cross bike with 105 and Kysiriums.
I love the S80 in emerald green !
Don't forget.......if you are really tall VSF can help you ....both men and women!! This is a 70 cm frame !!
Mary test riding the CR500
The food was as usual fantastic !! Food and drink of all sorts generously supplied all day and night
Gates belt drive were here to explain their system and why it  so suits the Pinion.
Pinion here to help with detail on their 12 and 18 speed gearboxes. Magura also here to explain the advantages of their new HS22 system