Saturday, April 16, 2016

Giant Defy Advanced with full Dura Ace............. Yet more gorgeous high end bikes from me.

Giant Defy Advanced with full Dura Ace !! These bikes are test bikes I have just bought from Giant. Frame is 2012 colour. They are the same frame as originally was specced with Di2 Ultegra...........but these bikes go beyond and are clothed in mechanical full7900 Dura Ace ......always my favourite............. these are truly high end sportif bikes.

RRP £5000

My price £1800.  Sizes available.One  large . I have been riding this bike myself for some months and it is fantastic. I will sell it as I have other bikes to try. Whoever buys this will have a fantastic bike..............You can't buy this quality elsewhere for this price with full warranty .

Dawes Galaxy Classic ( The proper one ) 2013

Dawes  Galaxy Classic. 2013. This is the bicycle you expect to see when you are looking for a Dawes Galaxy.......... not the much lesser things with current names such as Galaxy,Galaxy Cross,Galaxy Al.

The Galaxy Classic has the Reynolds 631 frameset, the shimano CX50 brakeset,shimano Tiagra 30 speed running gear,sportstourer FLX saddle etc.

Size of this one is 58cms.

RRP £1299.99

My price £925

The only spec different from standard is Tortec Expedition rack currently fitted. If you want the Tubus cargo add in another £25.

All in all you will have to agree this is a cracking deal !! It rides beautifully.............

Debit card only please or 2% extra on credit.
The Dawes Galaxy Classic

Shimano Tiagra running gear.Alex XT 19 double wallled wheels with eyelets

SPD compatible pedals

Speaks for itself

Shimano CX50 canti braking system. SKS mudguards.

Scwalbe marathon tyres

Outboard BB system

Sportstourer FLX Gel saddle