Thursday, February 8, 2018

VSF TX800 2016 in detail.

2016 TX800 in matt slate

Showing Tubus Tara ,Son 28 hub dynamo,marathon Mondial tyres ,Magura HS22 hydraulic brakes,SKS matt coloured mudguards.

Closer look at the Son 28.

Closer look at more easily adjustable Magura HS22's and BandM's IQ EYC front led

Handlebar configuration  

Close up of upgraded magura HS22 with larger adjuster and German made Ergon grips.

Very strong Exal MX19 double walled rims with eyeletted stainless spokes

Shimano XT groupset throughout ....including hub.

Tubus Cargo with straps

Selle Royal Ariel Lookin with Gel

Easy to change external Bottom bracket shells
Even though still on crutches last week was my busiest ever for VSF with 10 top quality bicycles  leaving the shop and customers coming to collect from all over the country. Two of the bikes were TX 800's so  I thought it appropriate to take some photos and provide another more detailed write up of the 2016 model for you as potential customers.

I see the TX800 as the derailleur geared partner to the Rohloff equipped TX1000 . It is an expedition bicycle par excellence with its double butted steel frame and extremely durable powder coated paintwork. The main difference between this bike and the most well known expedition bike from the VSF stable ( the TX400) is that it runs on 700c wheels whereas the TX400 runs with 26" rims. The 26" rim generally provides for a stronger wheel in very adverse riding terrain and is generally considered to be more widely available in remote areas. However some people want 700c rims and the TX 800 fits this bill !

The groupset is Shimano XT throughout which provides for a very smooth ride all round ! Remember the rear hub is also XT and combined with the fantastic Son front hub Dynamo you are assured of an effortless ride........once again remember there are two weights with bicycles........a lifting and a riding weight !! Expedition bicycles are not designed to be light weight......they are made to be compliant (double butted steel frame) and sturdy enough to carry your weight  and equipment.......but still roll as effortlessly as possible !! VSF are experts at satisfying these criteria and the TX 800 will not disappoint.

As you would expect racks are the world class Tubus Cargo at the rear and Tara at the front.

Weight is no problem when your wheels are the Exal MX19's which are double walled with eyeletted
stainless steel spokes.

Lighting is provided by the Son 28 hub Dynamo powering a front B and M Lumotec IQ EYC 50 lux led  and a rear BandM Line led. Both  of course have the luxury of stand lights for safety and detail.

Braking is provided by the recently revamped MaguraHS22 . The new brakes have a bigger and easier to use adjuster at the lever end and are now considerably easier to adjust at the rim too. Remember Magura brakes are filled with mineral oil and therefore not hydroscopic . That means they do not need regular bleeding as they do not absorb water. Brake blocks from my experience last 3 to 4 times as long as regular vbrake pads and the pads are not expensive. The Magura brakes are incredibly smooth and reliable. When cycling Geneva to Nice on a T900 I achieved a speed of 61.5 mph when descending the Col de L'Iseran and the bike and braking were so smooth and stable that I had no idea we were travelling at that pace.

Saddle is the Selle Royal Ariel Lookin Athletic,gel which is very comfortable and good for the prostate in that the gel in the centre of the saddle has the same effect as a cutaway in relieving pressure in important areas !

Tyres are Schwalbe Mondials for use on road (central ridge) and on rougher roads with their width and extra grip on the lateral sides.

Ergon grips made in Koblenz Germany provide comfort and lots of adjustability for those long days in the saddle.

You are also provided with a Japanese bell which does not brake on the first ping but I fact will last so long that eventually the red paint will come off leaving you with a polished alloy look.

This year straps are added to the rack for extra carrying capacity and do not underestimate a strong stand when touring . They are much more useful than you imagine especially when you can not find a tree or wall against which to lean your bike ! Equipment is finalised by the provision of a mini pump and two water bottles.

Colours for 2016 are mostly matt and mudguards are now matt to complement the frames. The TX800 standard colour is matt slate as you see in the pics.

Beat that for price,quality and value ! Hard to do isn't it in this world of most expedition bike providers offering you a tick box system of adding equipment to a basic bike with a frame and wheels. You understand what I mean !!