Sunday, May 1, 2016

VSF T500 30 speed 2016 review.

We are already well into 2016 I do realise .......however I can only write these reviews when I am in the right mood for it .......and lately I have been !

The thing to realise though is that the VSF bicycles do not change with fashion and whim each year. Essentially the bikes will remain the same year by year as the models are tried and tested. However colours can change (for example Matt colours are very much in vogue with VSF this year) and this year Magura have redeveloped their hydraulic brakes. LEDs are rapidly developing and will be more and more powerful and efficient every year.

So to the 2016 T500 30 speed ........ Colours this year are ebony Matt and slate Matt for gents and lipstick red for ladies (great colour this one !) To fit in with the matt theme mudguards are coordinated with a matt finish too.

Frame is of course double butted 25 CrMo4 steel providing rigidity and compliance and allowing the whole bike to weigh in at 14.1 kgs .......making it the lightest bike in the VSF range. This light weight makes the bike the nippiest and most agile bike in their range along with the more highly specced T700. However you could also tour or trek with no problems .

Transmission is provided by Shimano Deore . Wheels are the tried and tested Exal MX19's which are double walled and eyeletted with stainless spokes. No probs carrying your weight if touring. Your panniers will be well supported by the  dog leg shape of the Racktime rear rack.

Lighting is powered by the Shimano LX front hub Dynamo powering a front BandM Lumotec Avy Led putting out 30 lux and the rear BandM Toplight Flat Plus......both with the addition of stand lights.

To help the nippy aspect of this fantastic bike it is shod with Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres which at a width of 35 is narrow for VSF and allows for a balance for weight carrying and speed.

The Selle Royal Seta Performa saddle adds to the sporty feel and look of this bike ......

So in conclusion if you want a light and very nippy bicycle on which you can effortlessly commute many miles and still tour on , this may be the perfect steed for you.

Come and ride one.......they are usually in stock.
Light and nimble........suitable for fast commuting and also a capable touring companion.

Another view

Looking at the cockpit........straightish bars and fixed Ahead stem provides for a more sporty riding position

Matt slate colour with matt mudguards. 30 lux BandM front led.

Shimano Deore running gear for smoothness and reliability

30 speed transmission. exal MX19 rims .......double walled with eyeletted  stainless spokes. No problem carrying weight.

Dogleg rack for your panniers. Doublebutted steel frame for compliance and low weight. This is the lightest VSF machine at 14.1 kgs.

Selle Royale Seta Performa compliments the sporty and nimble feel of the bicycle

VSF T300 Nexus 8 speed 2016

The T300 has been one of my top 2 selling models of 2016. VSF have just got the bike right this year !! For a hub geared bike it just rolls so  well and yet it has all the advantages you want and need from a workhorse commuting cycle. The matt midnight blue is also a beautiful colour and has been a real hit with customers and does make it mouth watering to look at ! Let me explain........

Ideally if you have decided to go hub geared for commuting then you want all the extra plus points which go with that choice.....

Number 1 on that list is a fully enclosed  chainguard which you can always have on a hub geared bike.......but as you know so well is hard to find on the same old bikes you are shown in most bike shops !! So the T300 has the chain glider chainguard which is compact and very neat but still protecting the chain from adverse weather and your trousers or skirt from oil contamination.

The 8 speed shifter is twist grip but entirely reliable (unlike the derailleur geared twist grip monstrosities which have been prevalent over the last 15 or so years). A decent reliable twist grip changer means you can change gear on the move but also when stationary.......meaning that you do not have to anticipate gear selection each time you roll up at traffic lights.

The recently revamped Magura HS 22 rim hydraulic braking system is perfect for commuting bikes. The brake blocks from my experience last 3-4 times as long as vbrake pads and somehow produce much less swarth and dust. The hydraulic system is powered by mineral oil which is not hydroscopic and therefore needs no bleeding and almost minimal maintenance! They are superb!

Mudguards(SKS) , the lighting system ,the rack,the stand,the Japanese bell,neatly configured mini pump ........all coming as standard just make this bike the ultimate commuter .

The tyres at 42 mm give a great balance between comfort but still keep the bicycle incredibly sprightly.......and the T300 is very sprightly. It is a hard task to keep a hub geared commuting bike nippy and willing to "go". VSF are experts at this .......come and try and you will see what I mean.

One final point is the flexible handlebar positioning thanks to the very adjustable quill stem .......enabling you to sit up high if cycling in busy traffic or lowering to make the bike more sporty.

This is a great,great commuter cycle even if I say so myself !! But I do know about bikes........I have been doing this a long, long time and I know what is best for my customers............
Showing upgraded Magura HS22 brake lever and easy to use and reliable 8 speed shifter.

Showing colour coordinated matt SKS mudguards and BandM 30 lux front led with standlight

Matt midnight is a beautiful yet discreet colour and very popular.

Showing attractive black coloured nexus chainset and front section of chainglider chainguard.

Shimano LX front hub dynamo

Adjustable quill stem with comfortable handlebar shape.

Revamped  and stronger  bolts allowing for easy adjusting of saddle.

Ever faithful Exal TX19 double walled rims with stainless spokes.

Rack mounted BandM rear led with standlight

The 2016 T300 8 speed. It is a perfect city commuter.